welcome : Geomed Haiti


by Emily Beaulieu on 04/18/10

Welcome to our new site.  We are interested in your questions and input  we will be adding more to our website  so please visit us on a regular basis. Thanks Emily Beaulieu

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1. Kevin Springer said on 4/26/10 - 03:25PM
Sign me up Em....When do I start?
2. Amy Patch said on 4/28/10 - 11:37AM
Nice work!!! I have met Jude during the time he was a medical student. He is full of energy and love of his people. This is wonderful.
3. Alan Perkins said on 5/10/10 - 02:34PM
Hi Emily, It's great to see this new venture. I'll be praying for your success.
4. Emily Beaulieu said on 12/11/10 - 04:44PM
We are happy that the website has been updated since our last trip to Haiti. We were able to Work with Dr. Jude Saint Phard doing medical clinics, teaching about water purification. We also were able to see Loving Hands Kindergarten and Daycare which we have been supporting. It is a wonderful thing to see children who would have no chance of having an education loving learing so much. We were able to supply power and water to the School which was a GREAT THING

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